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August 3, 2008 2008 Summer No Comments

Vivian McPhee

The potential for housing development on the large field adjoining the copse is still of concern to us. Despite the loss of the field to cultivation- many of you will have seen the maize- we wish to continue pressure to ensure it remains available to support the copse in its entirety.

You will be aware that CDC have been obliged to reschedule the production of the Core strategy for their local development framework. Consultation will restart in November. The document which deals with large areas of land for housing development (delivering development opportunities) has also had to be rescheduled. However, it is important that we all make our views known about the damaging effect on the copse of housing in the fields next to it at every opportunity.

We will try to keep you informed, but if you are interested, you can visit the CDC web site and find out more through the LDF link on the Planning page of the web site.

How can you help the Friends to preserve the Copse?

August 3, 2008 2008 Summer 3 Comments
  • Help to publicise the Friends and their work in the local community
  • Help to generate wider membership of the Friends
  • Help with survey work in the Copse – trees, birds, butterflies, insects, flowers etc.
  • Carry out a visitor survey in the Copse
  • Assist with campaigns against housing
  • Assist with guided walks
  • Help run events for children and families
  • Help with practical conservation activities – including physically ‘easy’ tasks
  • Assist with surveys of safety of the Copse
  • Act as a volunteer warden on an occasional basis
  • Anything else you feel you can do – challenge us to find you a role!

Even if you have only half an hour a month, you can do something valuable to help. Contact the Chairman or the Secretary with your interests and ideas.

Brandy Hole Copse launches new Tree Trail

Tom Broughton

The trees of Brandy Hole Copse, Chichester’s only local nature reserve, are the focus of a newly created trail around the copse. Friends of Brandy Hole Copse (FBHC) have designed a leaflet, freely available to download from the website, Brandy Hole Copse Tree Trail, to highlight 12 species of the many and varied trees that exist on this popular nature reserve.

Studying Tree Trail

Lauren Lelliot (7), Jenny Broughton (10) and Clare Fraser (11) studying leaflet on the Tree Trail.

Trail designer and FBHC volunteer, Judi Darley, said: “We have chosen 12 trees in the copse to highlight their natural features and mythical stories.”

For example, did you know: “Folklore tells of the importance of beech trees in helping to grant wishes. A wish made with a twig of beech was pushed into the earth under the tree. From there it was collected by the Wishing Fairies and carried deep into the under-wood for the Fairy Queen’s consideration.”

Volunteer website manager and leaflet editor, Tom Broughton, said: “The leaflet includes a map of where to find the trees. Each tree in the trail has a tree-shaped badge on it. If you know where the trees are, then you can easily walk around them in 20 minutes, but they are not all obvious! However, a more relaxed stroll around the 15 acre copse would allow you to enjoy the many other points of interest in the copse, including three ponds, pre-Roman dyke and World War 2 defences. This is an ideal activity for children over the summer holidays.”

The colourful and informative leaflet gives details of how to get to the copse, including bus stops and proximity to the Centurion Way cycle path. Brandy Hole Copse is only 1¼ miles from Chichester Cross.

Clare Fraser said of the Tree Trail “It was real cool, cos you got to learn a lot and it was really fun”.

To launch the leaflet a Family Event was held in the copse as part of the Festivities on Sunday 6th July. All participants received sweets sponsored by Waitrose.

Also, a free raffle was held with prizes sponsored by Hidden Nature. The lucky winners of a nest box were Mr and Mrs Lee of Emsworth and the winners of a tree ID guide were Mr and Mrs Farmer of Milton, Portsmouth.

Emergency help needed

August 3, 2008 2008 Summer No Comments

For some time now, we have had no local storage for our tools. This has had a drastic effect on our ability to carry out many maintenance activities in the Reserve, most of which are commitments in the new Management Plan.

We have explored almost every option to resolve this problem and we now need to ask YOU our members if you can help. If any members have an area of storage in their gardens within reasonable distance of the Copse, and would be willing to let us make use of that storage and access it as required, that would make a huge difference to us. Alternatively if you have a site where you would allow us to place a small storage shed (at our expense!), that would also be enormously helpful.

Without easy access to our tools we are constrained in what our Task Group can achieve and we are prevented from developing other activities e.g. at weekends. If you think you could help, please contact any of the committee members

Cubs Go Orienteering

The 12th Chichester Cub Scouts tried out some orienteering with a difference in Brandy Hole Copse on 24th June.

Twelve beautifully painted boards of creatures that live in the Copse were placed throughout the Copse. The Cubs then had to find all 12 boards using a map of the Copse as fast as they could.

It was an energetic evening with the Cubs running flat out round and round the Copse for more than an hour trying to find all the boards. They said they had a great time!

The painted boards were of the following creatures: Roe deer, Tawny Owl, Fox, Squirrel, Green Woodpecker, Bat, Bank Vole, Woodmouse, Speckled Wood Butterfly, Elephant Hawk Moth, Stag Beetle, Centipede.

12th Chichester Cub Scouts

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