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How can you help the Friends to preserve the Copse?

August 3, 2008 2008 Summer 3 Comments
  • Help to publicise the Friends and their work in the local community
  • Help to generate wider membership of the Friends
  • Help with survey work in the Copse – trees, birds, butterflies, insects, flowers etc.
  • Carry out a visitor survey in the Copse
  • Assist with campaigns against housing
  • Assist with guided walks
  • Help run events for children and families
  • Help with practical conservation activities – including physically ‘easy’ tasks
  • Assist with surveys of safety of the Copse
  • Act as a volunteer warden on an occasional basis
  • Anything else you feel you can do – challenge us to find you a role!

Even if you have only half an hour a month, you can do something valuable to help. Contact the Chairman or the Secretary with your interests and ideas.

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  1. Neil Shaw says:

    Can I join please.

  2. David.K.Pugh-Jones says:

    I should like to join and help your organisation, from time to time, but I could not access your Membership Application Form,as it stated “graphic equaliser”.
    can you very kindly e-mail me a Form?

    Thank you


  3. webmaster says:

    Thank you David. This is now fixed and the forms can be downloaded in .pdf or .doc formats.

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