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The Copse Code


The Copse is an area of 11 acres which is a Designated Local Nature Reserve. This means everyone is expected to ensure that the wildlife which lives within it can thrive. Many people enjoy coming to walk in the Copse, and to observe and enjoy the plants and creatures which live here. The more of us who visit the Copse, the more important it is that we all follow a few simple guidelines to help conservation. These guidelines are set below as the Copse Code for us and our children to follow when we visit.

to download click on : Download The Copse Code here


We keep to the paths. The undergrowth is an important habitat and for there to be a healthy ecosystem it needs to remain undisturbed. Running and playing between the paths does a lot of damage.

We leave fallen timber alone, especially if it is in a log pile. It is there to create a habitat for insects, small animals and fungi, not to build a shelter or a den.

We don’t light fires. Fires are dangerous and can often cause damage to wildlife. Only nominated representatives, who are responsible for managing the Copse, are permitted to light them.

We take our litter home. Litter in the Copse is unsightly, and can damage wildlife. It also takes a lot of time to pick up. Please put it in a bin or take it home.

We leave the berries for the birds. No-one is allowed to take vegetation from a designated nature reserve. If it is taken at any time, including Christmas, this would deprive the birds of food and spoil the Copse for others.

We don’t camp in the Copse. Camping is damaging and inappropriate in a nature reserve, so please find somewhere else to spend the night.

We don’t climb the trees. Trees are damaged by climbing, so please let’s teach our youngsters to respect them.

We don’t allow dog fouling in the Copse. It is an offence for which there is a Fixed Penalty notice of £50 or a fine of up to £1000, as it is a public open space. It is also dangerous for children as well as being unpleasant and inconsiderate. So please clear up after your dog whether it fouls on the path or elsewhere in the Copse.

We leave the ponds well alone. They are a really important part of Brandy Hole Copse. Do not throw logs or sticks in them, as someone else will have to remove them. Please try to prevent your dog from swimming or playing in the ponds; and never release fish or plants into them, as they may destroy the natural species which are already there.

We don’t cycle except in the short designated path at the east of the Copse. Centurion Way is a wonderful resource, but the Copse generally is not part of it. Cycle stands have been  provided under Brandy Hole Lane Bridge  Please remember that cycling causes damage and disturbance, so  please leave your bikes outside and encourage your children to do so too.

If we all observe the Code, then Brandy Hole Copse will survive as a Nature Reserve.

Thank you!

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